Ok so this is my first blog post so hopefully it’s good. I was just thinking that after  spending the entire day setting up a blog you feel kind of…..soggy…… So what is the cure for complete sogginess that almost everyone loves? Coffee. Yep. Cold, hot, iced, creamy, chocolatey, vanilla, frappéd. You name it and it’ll be delicious. Most likely…. Unless you have no clue what your doing. For that reason I’ve rounded up 10 delicious coffee recipes to give you some artificial energy. Happy stirring!

1. The classic easy-to-make  Iced Mocha


2.Vanilla iced Coffee Frappe  For all of the Starbucks deprived people, a DIY version.


3. Blended iced Cappuccino  Simply delicious.


4. To-go iced Coffee If cold coffee is a part of your morning routine, this is for you.

5. Cookies and Cream Mocha Milkshake You can have this if you eat salads for the rest of the year.


6. Cold Brewed Iced Coffee Another easy staple, perfect for making your own concoctions.


7. Salted Chocolate Iced Coffee Nope not caramel, you heard right. Salted CHOCOLATE.


8. Carmel Iced Coffee Frappe Mmmmmm. More Starbucks spin-offs.


9. Cheesecake. Coffee.  Why would you not make this?


10. Nutella Coffee For all of you strange people out there with a unhealthy obsession with Nutella.


Well, there you go guys! First blog post☑️. I’ll try to post more soon, but for now see ya later! Feedback is appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

Hoot hoot-Soph



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